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BORING ~ hak hak hak
Sunday, 5 January 2014 | 16:57 | 0 STARS
assalamualaikum-hai-hello-annyong - bonjour- sawadikap 

haii :)
yeah today is 6 jan 2014 now 8:30 am .its been so long since my last post about prefect masquerade dinner , and that was in 2012 hahaha. seriously 2013 was so so ... haaa u know rite ? ngeee 
okey rite now, i'm so bored like seriously . i'm in le school le school's office waiting for my mom to send ayra, my lil sister to go to her school ,CIC .i don't know why i can't open my blog , i mean  i can't preview my blog . i wanted to change my all those thing like my header and what so ever laa but i can't nvm i'll ask my ICT friends to fix it for me . 
oh FYI during my holiday i didn't do anything , no driving , no work i'm just getting fat,fat,fat,fat,fat . muhahahaha . YEHET !k i have no idea what to type anymore . i keep on typing ... then delete it again and again. ok la this entry is getting boring so bye . till we meet again .

p/s : idk why i'm typing this post in eng .ohh sorry for le grammatical error, i'm not so good in English but my mom do >_<. oh i'm sorry to all my twitter's follower because i keep on RT and twitting about EXO , mianhe. currently in love with those 12 guys ^_^